What to Consider When Buying a Commercial Garage Door

What to Consider When Buying a Commercial Garage Door

by gdgadmin, February 20, 2019

Commercial garage doors are vital to a business’s bottom line. While utilization will undoubtedly vary according to industry – warehouse, storage, retail, automotive, etc. – one thing that remains constant is the need for the door to function properly one hundred percent of the time. Its appearance is equally important, especially because a damaged or weathered commercial garage door can detract from your business’s curb appeal. If your business’s doors frequently break down or are sporting significant damage, then you’ll likely benefit from the purchase of a new commercial garage door.

To help you choose the best commercial garage door for your business, consider door type, energy efficiency and maintenance. You’ll also want to consider an operator.

Commercial Garage Door Type

Sectional: This is the most common door type sold in both residential and commercial applications. Sectional doors are constructed for speed, security, durability, and thermal efficiency. This door type can be manufactured in a wide range of panel profiles, colors and styles, including full-view. You’ll need to ensure adequate headroom, backroom, and sideroom before purchasing a sectional garage door though. This is a great choice for high-traffic applications. Additional options include insulation, wind load, and fire-rated.

Rolling: When headroom, backroom and sideroom are at a premium, the choice is easy. Rolling steel doors are composed of a curtain of interlocking slats that wind around a barrel that is suspended directly above the garage door opening. This door type can be fabricated in galvanized steel or aluminum. Rolling steel doors are perfect for warehouses, mini-storage facilities, automotive shops, and counter service restaurants. Insulated and fire-rated rolling steel doors are available.

Energy Efficiency

Business owners are increasingly choosing insulated doors. That’s no surprise – insulation improves energy efficiency, durability, and security. Most commercial garage doors can be manufactured with polystyrene or polyurethane insulation. Of the two insulation types, polyurethane is a superior insulator, making it a worthwhile upgrade. Another key factor when choosing an insulated door is the recommended R-value, or thermal efficiency, which varies according to location. High R-values offer greater performance, so you’ll want to pay careful attention to these.

Maintenance Costs

Benefiting from advances in technologies, popular materials like steel, wood composite, and aluminum are incredibly resilient and low maintenance. Natural wood, by comparison, requires additional upkeep. It may need to be sanded, stained, and sealed every few years. Aluminum and glass, full-view doors, will require frequent cleaning to ensure maximum visibility through the glass panes. Maximize longevity by considering local weather and desired maintenance when deciding on a new commercial garage door.

Commercial Operators

Commercial operators are designed to provide trouble-free operation for years. They can perform in even the most demanding commercial or industrial environment. Commercial operators are available for firehouses, automotive shops, warehouses, parking lots, gated communities, cold storage, and a large assortment of other businesses. Make sure to combine a commercial garage door and operator with high-cycle torsion springs for increased performance.

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