Garage Door Spring Repair: What You Need to Know

Garage Door Spring Repair: What You Need to Know

by gdgadmin, January 22, 2019

One of the most important parts on your garage door measures just 2 1/8” or 2 3/16” (these measurements may vary though). But don’t let its small size fool you. Without this one component, the garage door cannot be opened or closed, regardless of manual or automatic operation. The danger broken garage door springs present is far too great! Here is everything you need to know about garage door spring repair.

Garage Door Spring Types

There are two main types: Extension and torsion springs. Both work to counterbalance the weight, 150 pounds or more, of the door as it opens and closes. To achieve this great feat, an excessive amount of mechanical energy is created, stored and released. This process is repeated each time the door opens and closes. Each spring type works differently. Of the two, torsion springs are preferred for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The advantages of torsion springs include:

  • Torsion springs require less parts
  • Torsion springs do not fully extend during operation
  • Torsion springs allow for a controlled, steady motion
  • Torsion springs are available in high-cycle configurations
  • Torsion springs tend to require less maintenance than extension springs

What’s in a “Cycle?”

Most standard garage door springs are rated for 10,000-cycles. Because a cycle counts as one complete open and close of the door, the average lifespan of springs is not determined in years, but rather how many times the door is operated. For example, if your household’s daily usage is four times a day, you’re likely looking at a seven-year replacement cycle. Other variables, including rust producing moisture and changes in temperature, can detrimentally affect the springs as well.

Identifying Broken Garage Door Springs

Visual inspections, as part of a monthly maintenance routine, are vital. Broken garage door springs are easily identifiable; the metal will either be stretched thin or broken. The door may also appear “off-balance.” A door that opens a few inches then stops or doesn’t open at all are additional symptoms to watch for.

Broken garage door springs require full and immediate replacement.

Garage door spring repair – always a job for professionals – requires complete replacement of both springs, if applicable, because they normally wear at the same rate. Simply put, once one goes, the other tends to follow within a few short weeks or months. This will also prevent you from having to deal with repeated inconveniences. You may also want to consider investing in springs rated for 25,000 or more cycles.

Professional Garage Door Spring Repair

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