Garage Door Design Trends

Garage Door Design Trends

by gdgadmin, March 26, 2019

Here are the top five garage door design trends to look for when considering replacing a weathered, damaged, or risky door. This is one of the most valuable home improvement projects to complete. This year’s annual Cost vs. Value Report reveals that an upscale garage door replacement – high-tensile-strength steel with two coats of factory-applied paint that is foam insulated to minimum R-12 – costing approximately $3,550 delivered an estimated $3,502 when the house sold. That’s a 98.6% return on investment.

Oversized Doors

Garages must be usable. That has never been more apparent than now as more people, both women and men, gravitate toward bigger vehicles. Even people who own smaller cars, but who frequently strap something to their roofs, have a need for oversized garages. That means installing 8-feet-tall rather than 7-feet-tall garage doors; the garage may need to be renovated to accommodate for this though. In some valley neighborhoods, typically those with property, detached oversized garages are being the norm. There are even those tall enough to house a motorhome.

Bold Colors

Gone are the days of neutral house colors, so don’t be afraid to try something new, adding interest to your curb appeal. Choose a shade that compliments the rest of your home’s exterior and that, if applicable, your HOA approves of. Black is one of the leading design trends. If black isn’t for you, most garage door manufacturers offer a wide-range of colors to help you find just the right shade of paint. You can also paint the door yourself by purchasing supplies from your local home improvement store.

Clean Lines

There is no shortage of stylish materials to choose from when the time to replace your garage door arrives. If you’re looking to turn heads, however, then nothing beats a full-view aluminum garage door. This door type allows for the infiltration of natural light, which is customizable; you choose different styles and tints/frosting. Aluminum full-view doors are incredibly appealing to business owners. Several coffee shops and restaurants have recently opened in Downtown Chandler featuring full-view doors.


Homeowners are increasingly choosing insulation with a high R-value for improved thermal efficiency. Insulation helps mitigate heat loss during the winter and heat gain during the summer. An insulated garage door is also more resistant to damage. Another advantage to insulation is noise reduction; an insulated door operates much quieter than a non-insulated one. For increased effectiveness, experts recommend paying a little extra for polyurethane insulation. Low U-values are also indicative of how well an insulation material will perform.

Smart Technology

WIFI connected openers are quickly replacing traditional openers. These openers allow you to easily monitor and control your garage door. You can also automate your entire home using an IFTTT applet (a fee may be required). For example, you can set your lights to turn on as the door is opening or set the door to open/close automatically when you’re within certain perimeters. To take advantage of these features, after the opener is installed, simply download and program the LiftMaster MyQ® app on your phone.

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