Broken Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement

One of the most critical components in a garage door assembly is the spring system, which includes either torsion or extension springs, along with cables and pulleys. This system provides counterbalancing force to safely and efficiently open and close the door each time the opener is activated.

Although they are generally designed to last between 5,000 and 20,000 cycles (depending on spring type), the lifting and lowering of a >150-pound door multiple times a day will eventually weaken the metal, causing the spring to snap. Broken garage door springs require complete replacement by a trained professional.

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Two Types of Garage Door Springs

Most residential garage doors have one of two types of springs: torsion or extension.

Torsion springs are heavy-duty springs mounted to a metal rod that runs parallel to the door – directly above the door opening. These springs are tensioned; they twist and coil whenever force is applied. They require the use of cables and pulleys. Standard torsion springs generally have a 10,000-cycle lifespan.

Extension springs are lighter-weight springs that run perpendicular to the door and are mounted above the horizontal portions of the door tracks. These springs are tensioned by extending out. Like torsion springs, extension springs also require cables and pulleys, as well as safety cables. These springs should last between 5,000 and 10,000 cycles.

Average Life Expectancy

A cycle represents opening and closing the door one time. For example: The average household opens and closes the garage door four times daily, which gives a standard 10,000-cycle torsion spring a lifespan of approximately seven years; high-cycle springs can double this number. The more the door is used, the sooner the springs will fail, necessitating replacement. Here is a good guide to go by.

  • 2 times daily = approximately 14 years
  • 4 times daily = approximately 7 years
  • 6 times daily = approximately 5 years
  • 8 times daily = approximately 3 years
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Repair of Broken Garage Door Springs

Repair of broken garage door springs almost always involves complete replacement of both springs. This is because the springs are likely on the same cycle life, so when one breaks, the other is likely to follow; it’s just of a matter of time. The process of replacing the springs, whether torsion or extension, can be very dangerous which is why it’s best not to attempt the work yourself. You should always hire a garage door repair professional.

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Safety Warning

If you suspect a spring has broken, do not continue to operate your door, as this can damage the garage door or garage door opener. Property damage or personal injury may also occur. Furthermore, if the door was in the open position when the spring broke, do not disconnect the opener from the door. This could cause the door to come crashing down. Unplug the opener from its power source until repairs can be made.

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